Howdy! Let's find a GPU!

Howdy! Let's find a GPU!

Experience the state of the art in video card stock tracking. Receive blazing fast notifications and personalized audio alerts for popular graphics cards currently on the market. Beat everyone else to the punch and buy a graphics cards at an amazing price. Proven to be faster than other tracking sites!

Stores Tracked

AMD Cards


  • Connection to FindGPU is now secure and encrypted (i.e. https)
  • I am working on adding personalized and highly customizable deal alerts and just deal browsing as an integral part of FindGPU, but it will be a journey.
  • The first step is ensuring future logins will be secure by encrypting all communications with FindGPU.
  • I can't seem to find any issues with the transition, but if you encounter any sort of issues please do email me.
  • Notice: EVGA and EVGA B-stock email updates are currently not active and will remain so for a little while. The Stock Tracker Page tracks them accurately though.
  • EVGA's website functionality has been riddled with even more spaghetti code, causing irregular fluctuations of stock information, which then leads to too many emails.
  • Until I think of an elegant solution EVGA stock emails will not be sent out. Please use the Online Tracker if you want to track EVGA store stock. Thank you.

  • Finally tracking Amazon. Never realized how slow other trackers are when it comes to Amazon.
  • Due to the way Amazon lists out of stock items, there might be a little delay before an item on the tracker transitions from in stock to out of stock.
  • Be sure though, FindGPU is blazingly fast at finding in stock graphics cards on Amazon.
  • Major UI overhaul done to the stock tracker page. Focus was on 1200px+ resolutions. Should make mobile more usable as well this way. Now to get started on making a proper mobile UI...
  • For the moment FindGPU will not be sending out Amazon stock alerts over email, as Amazon specifically prohibits sending out links. Look forward to the link landing page re-appearing in a couple of days.
  • Really, the UI overhaul is biggest change. It brings with it tons of little bug fixes and improvements. This should make tracking, finding, and buying in stock graphics cards a breeze.
  • As always, I would really love some feedback. What works, what doesn't, what changes you would like to be made, feature requests... I welcome all of it.

  • Newegg is now tracked, as well as Newegg refurbished and Newegg Open Box.
  • Only items directly sold by Newegg are tracked, no 3rd party scalpers.
  • Evga B-Stock is now tracked as well. Might take a couple of days for the database to populate as currently everything is out of stock.
  • AMD cards are being tracked as well.
  • How often FindGPU checks stock on store has been vastly increased for all websites.
  • Removed the silly "page level filter" workaround. Now links for tracking specific stores or cards will put a normal filter on the table, which you can see and edit easier
  • A new category of cards has been introduced: Misc. Basically if a card is last generation or older that's where it will end up. Worth checking out as you may snag a cheap Nvidia 9xx series or AMD 4xx series. Also added Misc email alerts.
  • As the number of tracked cards increased, so has the update "file" that FindGPU requests every 10 seconds from your browser. Reducing this filesize is one of the next milestones. It should not be an issue on normal browsers, but keep an eye on mobile data. Usage should be around a megabyte per minute. Adjustable refresh interval is also in the works and should appear soon.
  • The format of the emails have changed a bit. Gmail had a tendency to clump up different card type alerts into one combined thread. Now different cards should have different threads in Gmail.
  • Steps have been taken to prevent Gmail from trimming email text from the preview. Links now go directly to the specific's card store page, saving you precious seconds, especially if you are on mobile.
  • I am starting to phase out the backup site for email notifications.
  • A small side effect of tracking Newegg quickly is that sometimes we end up two different stock statuses for the same card at the same time. I suspect it is some sort of caching, but it can lead to a couple of seconds of a card alternative stock information. Obviously, this isn't ideal as one would get overloaded with notifications. So the solution is to delay the change from in stock to out of stock by a minute or so, but still show an instantenous change from out of stock to in stock.
  • If you ever experience any wonky behaviour on the website or an obvious bug, please do not hesitate to contact me. I really appreciate constructive criticism and it helps improve the site for everybody.

  • With the very recent Chrome changes to how sound is allowed to play I have modified sound alerts to work again.
  • Fixed a bug with audio alerts toggle not turning off sounds.
  • Tomorrow, April 21, the fastest graphics card tracker, FindGPU, will be undergoing maintenance throughout the day for some feature additions. You will see a big red box on the tracker page if the server is under maintenance.

  • Significant upgrades have been made to the FindGPU infrastructure. Now you can find and buy graphics cards in stock faster than ever.
  • Expect to receive notifications and alerts a good 30 to 40 seconds faster. We are pretty much reaching theoretical limit of what is possible.
  • Some of the timekeeping code had to be modified to allow further server improvements. Issues are not foreseen to arise from this change, but please do not hesitate to contact me if you find any discrepencies on the website related to time and date.
  • This was a very serious upgrade and maintenance took a bit longer than expected. Deployment was done during the weekend and mostly at night when it is least likely to impact core site functionality. The FindGPU team tried to keep disturbances to a minimum and we apologize if you experienced abnormal site behavior. On the positive side, one of the new extra backend features is a real-time visual indicator on website pages for when we are actually doing maintenance.

  • Added Tip of the Week to each new visit to the product tracker. So far only one tip in rotation.
  • While it has not happened before, the Nvidia store updated stock at night and during the weekend. Please keep that in mind as a possibility for stock alerts.
  • FindGPU is now an affiliate partner with One Network Direct / Digital River. Nvidia Store links are now affiliate links.
I don't usually discuss news in details, but finally having a revenue source is an important milestone for FindGPU.
For you, my dearest users, there is no significant change to how the website works. Nvidia store links now go through a referral link, which just gives our website the credit for helping you buy that graphics card you've always wanted. You won't receive a discount, nor will the purchase cost you more, you will just get to feel good knowing that you helped FindGPU see another day. Don't forget to go through one of my Nvidia store links if you are making multiple purchases before you make each one. Refferals can get overwritten by other websites and I would really appreciate the extra effort on your end.

Who are One Network Direct / Digital River? You may or may not know, but it's not Nvidia that actually sells you a GPU when you buy one through their website. The Nvidia store outsources all their GPU sales through Digital River and One Network Direct is their branch that provides referral benefits. So, this is as legit as it gets.

Each one of your purchases on the Nvidia store will benefit FindGPU with 2% of your purchase. The whole point of FindGPU is to be fast and reliable, to give you an edge over everyone that is not using FindGPU, however that doesn't come cheaply. Following my referral links will not cost you anything and will make all the difference when it comes to FindGPU surviving and improving.

A referral link is not that different from a regular link. However, your adblocker might try and stop you from following it. For example, uBlock Origin likes to stop referral links. You might have to add an exception the first time you follow one of my referral links. I'm adding one to the end of this news posts in case you want to try it out before it's the heat of the moment and you are trying to buy a card as quick as possible.

Nvidia Store Referral Link

  • Added Privacy Policy.
  • Added Page Level Filter Indicator on the Tracker Page (i.e. you followed a link).
  • Updated javascript code to make Page Level Filter alert dismissable and less obtrusive.

  • Official public launch of the FindGPU graphic card stock tracker websites.
  • Fully functioning stock tracking for the EVGA store and the NVIDIA store.
  • Fully functioning email notifications.
  • GPU Tracker update interval set to 10 seconds.
  • Added Terms of Service.

  • Started keeping track of EVGA GPU Stock.
  • Started keeping track of NVIDIA GPU Stock.
  • Site not launched yet.