Email Notifications. All you need to know!

Google Groups email notifications are fast!

Getting that in stock alert to you as fast possible is our number one priority. There are many ways to tackle this problem, but nothing beats the speed and efficiency of using a Google Group to send out email notifications. It is super easy to get started and you'll even receive the notification a couple of seconds before our already fast website tracker gets the in stock alert!
Note: You will need a Google account.


AMD Cards



  1. Click on the graphics card model you want to get emails notifications for.
    • It will take you offsite to a Google Group Page.
  2. Sign in with the "Sign in" button in the top right to your Google account.
    • This step is optional if you are signed in.
    • Sign in with the email account you want to receive notifications on.
  3. Click on "Join Group" near the top middle part of screen.
    • A pop-up will appear. Next step covers the pop-up.
  4. Change "Email delivery preference" to "Notify me for every new message".
    • This is a very important step.
    • The other options don't really matter.
  5. Click on "Join this group".
    • That's it! You should start receiving emails immediately.


  1. Go to your Google My Groups page.
    • Make sure you sign in with the Google account receiving the email notifications.
    • Link to My Groups
  2. Find the Google group corresponding to the graphics card you want to stop receiving emails about and click on the "Leave group" button to the right of it. That's it!